Released January 2021

Thirsty Miner - Grisette Pale Belgian Ale

Grisette is a historical style of beer from Belgium’s southern Hainaut province. It was originally brewed to quench the thirst of local miners. Like traditional recipes, it is low in alcohol and brewed with a large amount of wheat that gives it a light body and refreshing nature. The German and Czech hops contribute moderate bitterness with floral and spicy notes. Yeast driven fruity esters round out the flavour profile.

Previous releases
July 2020

Released December 2020

Botany Weisse - Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale

This is our version of a Berliner Weisse, at one time the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin. Staying true to traditional brewing methods, it is a mixed fermentation beer that contains live Lactobacillus souring bacteria and underwent a secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces for over three months. It was also not boiled during the brewing process to emphasise the raw, bready flavour of the German pilsner and wheat malts. It is very pale, refreshingly acidic, highly effervescent and has subtle Brett derived fruity esters.

Previous releases
July 2020

Released December 2020

Resting Place - Hoppy Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale

Hoppy sour beers have traditionally been difficult to produce as the lactic acid bacteria that gives the beer its sourness is inhibited by hops. A unique brewing yeast strain (Lachancea) has been recently been discovered, on a tree in a Philadelphia graveyard of all places, that naturally produces lactic acid during fermentation. We made this beer with Lachancea yeast, followed by a secondary fermentation with a fruity Brettanomyces strain. Hopped with new world American hops during the boil and dry hopped prior to packaging.

Released December 2020

Refectory Belgian Blonde Ale

This beer is inspired by the lower strength ‘single’ beers traditionally produced by Trappist breweries in Belgium. Trappist breweries are located within monasteries with resident monks overseeing the brewing.  Monks brewed these ‘single’ beers for their own consumption in the monastery refectory.  This is a refreshing ale with spicy and fruity yeast and hop driven flavours.

Previous releases
May 2020

Released October 2020

Quake - Pale Ale

Quake is our pale ale fermented with a strain of the centuries old Norwegian Kveik (pronounced Quake) yeast. This batch uses Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. These hops are known for having a distinct and complex flavour profile with tropical fruit and black pepper notes. Their flavour and aroma is often compared to the Sauvignon Blanc white wine grape that they are named after.

Previous releases
May 2020: Loral hops

Released September 2020

Old Russet - Barrel Aged Belgian Sour Brown Ale

Old Russet started out as a Belgian Dubbel style brown ale. The Special B malt and Dark Candi Syrup combined with the Belgian Abbey yeast contribute flavours of burnt sugar, caramel, raisins, figs and chocolate. Taking inspiration from Flemish Brown Ales, we then aged it in oak barrels for over six months with various Brett strains and Pedio souring bacteria. The final product has a complex dark fruit profile with pleasant sourness and a wine-like character.

Released September 2020

Cellar Worthy - English Barleywine

Barleywines are so named as they are a showcase of intense malted barley flavour and have wine-like alcohol strength. Cellar Worthy is made in the English style with traditional Maris Otter barley known for its rich malty flavour. We used an extended four hour boil to create complex melanoidins that contribute toffee and caramel notes. This is a perfect late night sipping beer. If cellared it should continue to develop positive characteristics for many years.

Released September 2020

Botany Weisse Apricot

Botany Weisse is our version of a Berliner Weisse sour German wheat beer. Like traditional recipes, it undergoes a secondary Brett fermentation for added complexity. We aged this beer for six months including three months on apricot. It was also dry hopped with German Hallertau Blanc hops contributing additional fruity flavours.

Released August 2020

Botany Weisse Mango & Passionfruit

Botany Weisse is our version of a Berliner Weisse sour German wheat beer. Like traditional recipes, it undergoes a secondary Brett fermentation for added complexity. We aged this beer for five months including two months on mango and passionfruit. A super refreshing fruit filled experience.

Released May 2020

Foundation Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse ales are an old European tradition. Farmers would brew beer from their own grains for consumption on the farm. They would often use non-barley grains such as wheat and oats. As these beers were fermented in wood vessels, they would be exposed to wild yeasts giving them a rustic character. This beer was open fermented then aged in red wine barrels.  Dry, well carbonated with fruity and spicy yeast driven flavours.

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