Grain of Salt Peach & Guava - Fruited Gose 3.5%


This is an exotic twist on our traditional Grain of Salt Gose beer. Gose (pronounced go-suh) is a sour wheat ale brewed with salt and coriander originally from Germany. Our Gose is brewed in the traditional manner with a mixed culture including lactobacillus souring bacteria and brettanomyces yeast. The addition of peach and guava adds a delicate sweetness and tropical notes.

3.5% ABV, 375mL can

Malt: Wheat, Pilsner
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Yeast: German Ale, Brettanomyces
Souring Bacteria: Lactobacillus
Fruit: Peach, Guava
Adjuncts: Sea Salt, Coriander