The Time is Rye - Barrel Aged Dark Rye Sour 8.5%


In our opinion, rye is an under-used grain in brewing compared to its more popular cousins barley, wheat and oat. We’re excited to give it time to shine in this beer. The use of rye increased the complexity of this beer by contributing a spicy quality and also lends a smooth rounded mouthfeel. The Time is Rye is a dark sour brewed with both malted and unmalted rye. It was aged in oak barrels for 12 months with a mixed culture of Belgian Abbey and Brett yeast, together with Pedio souring bacteria.

8.5% ABV, 375mL can

Malt: Dark Munich, Rye, Special B, Carafa Special
Other Grains: Rolled Rye
Hops: East Kent Golding
Yeast: Belgian Abbey, Brettanomyces
Souring Bacteria: Pediococcus