Slow Lane Willi Becher Glass


The Slow Lane Rastal Willi Becher glass is a versatile everyday drinking glass that works great for any of our ales and lagers. 

Modelled after a traditional German beer glass, it is both functional and durable. The slender body and tapered opening makes for an easier to hold glass. It also helps with head retention and keeping aromas inside the glass.

The Willi Becher glass has volume of 480mL. These are the same glasses to be used in our tasting room, complete with 150mL, 250mL and 400mL fill lines.

These glasses are produced by Rastal in Germany. Rastal have been producing glassware since 1919. They continue to be embraced by the beer industry for their high quality workmanship and design innovations to bring us the best drinking experience.

This glass is dishwasher safe.